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Here we try to motivate and influence the human perception by creating immersive virtual world. Virtual gamification of built space is a big development that people find it useful and meaningful. we believe this would be an innovative architect's tool that will change the way we build formerly.


35M2 is a Small Gamification project for Windows and VR HMDs using PBR material and few scanned objects.

CBAC Hospital

interactive scenario-based design for ongoing research with Cornel University DAIL in the USA. Block 02 the project consists of 4 different built space with more than 3 different iterations.

-Visit DAIL

San Francisco loft

SFL is a interior re-design by Node for Archviz, 360 images and interactive VR based on Garcia Tamjidi design.

Interactive Node

Interactive Node is one of the first Games based on Nodeoffice studio in Tehran which allows the user to navigate on mini-map, changes the material both texture and animated, take pictures in th game and interact with some object such as light and TV.


Archiochoob is a Node gamify project based on NextOffice design which allows the user to interact, navigate and design inside the virtual space.

Virtual Design

Virtual Design project shows the ability to simultaneously navigating and designing the built space inside the virtual world.

Augmented Architecture

Nowadays attentiveness in the application of 3d digitalization of architectural spaces to have more intergraded layered data in order to use for different purposes on one side and increased attention to use new portable technologies in order to stay tuned on the other side had eased the procedure of comprehension and interaction for human being with his/her surrounding.

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