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Interactive architectural spaces; 3D digitalization of cultural heritages Using
Augmented Reality

Nowadays attentiveness in the application of 3D digitalization of architectural spaces to have more intergraded layered data in order to use for different purposes on one side and increased attention to use new portable technologies to stay tuned on the other side had ease the procedure of comprehension and interaction for human being with his/her surrounding. Innovative space experience based on interaction would enrich the perception of it by using 3D digital technologies. Augmented Reality interface brings more tangibility for the specialist and non-specialist users. Since designing and developing AR projects with metadata consumes considerable time, efforts and resources, systematic evaluation studies is a big must. This PhD proposal would investigate the application of AR for enhancing visits to museums and historic sites. It focuses on the effectiveness of AR for enhancing navigation and location-based narratives to increase informal learning and enjoyment in museums.

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