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Here we try to optimize building energy consumption which helps. the designers to identify the gaps for retrofits and building envelope. we try to use new technologies and algorithms which can help energy performance optimization both before and after construction.


90sqm office flat in 3rdfloor of 5floor building was chosen in order to create BIM model from the plans and environmental studies. In the next steps the model was imported into Rhino and grasshopper plugin, then needed simulations were generated with the help of Honeybee + Butterfly and ladybug. The visual script and code in this sample mainly were generated for annual lighting analysis and indoor/outdoor surface temperature for this proposal but there would be the possibility of generating any kind of simulation in grasshopper. The chosen CFD simulated meshes were imported to Enscape or UnrealEngine in order to have VR model of the project. HTC vive Head Mounted Display (HMD) where used to visualize and navigate in the project.


Roof Slope Optimization

The generated algorithm is trying to maximizing the total radiation on the slope for a residential building in Copenhagen.


The generated algorithm is trying to find the best morphology for a residential building in Copenhagen using grasshopper considering Solar gain both on the facade and the roof.

Node Thermography

The interior surface temperature has been monitored for 12 hours with every 30minutes interval while measuring the temperature in the middle of each space every 5Sec. later on, the results were used to generate an animated texture with the possibility of projection on the virtual 3d Model of the space.

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